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Weight Watchers Points Plus Program

The newly released is the latest and potentially the best change in the program’s history.Weight Watchers has been a successful weight loss program for many years, offering hope to people struggling to lose weight through a system of diet modification, healthy life style choices and group support. The program has undergone many face lifts so-to-speak over the years since it was first introduced over 45 years ago. It prides itself in being progressive and bases its modifications on the latest research.

Weight Watchers Points Plus Program

The program focuses on the fat, protein and carbohydrate content of food. And, based on how much of these are contained each food type, the specific item is given a “point” value. Participants on the Points Plus program are allocated a maximum daily points intake based on their size and height and how much weight they actually wish to lose. They can then select any foods they like... but must remain within their allotted points value.

The is based on a system of core foods that should be eaten in greater amounts. These foods include lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and whole grains. Processed foods and white carbohydrates like potato and pasta are strongly discouraged. With the emphasis on feeling just satisfied (as opposed to full) and eating healthy but filling foods, the participant on the program rarely feels hungry and hence the need to binge is reduced.

Many people found the old Weight Watchers program successful. The major difference between the new Points Plus Program and the previous program is the greater points allowance they are allowed to eat.

Almost sounds crazy hey?

Well it’s more about control and consistency. The Points Plus states that the daily points must be reached (aka eaten) everyday, and unlike the previous program, there is no points rollover. What is not eaten cannot be saved for another day. The program rates foods that have low nutritional value high and foods with high nutritional value low. By using a special Weight Watchers Points Plus calculator, participants can work out the points value of any food they choose to eat. FYI fruits and vegetables are given zero points, so fill your boots!

Of course daily heart-pumping exercise is encouraged and greatly rewarded on the program. Regular participation in exercise provides extra daily points values, so the more you work out the more you can consume. The promotes healthy life style choices. Recipes and peer support is also available online to assist a person in the program to maintain the momentum and continue to lose weight until they reach their goal weight.

The weekly meetings, which have been a focus point for Weight Watchers members since its beginning, continues to provide the 1-on-1 support that many people attribute their success to. The meetings are co-ordinated by a group leader who has themselves lost significant amounts of weight using the Weight Watchers Points Plus program, and because of this, can provide empathetic support to members. In a dieting program this kind of support is ideal.