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10 Best Low-Carb Bread Recipes for 2017

Planning a low-carb lifestyle brings to mind foods like lean protein and lots of vegetables. But sticking to a healthy low-carb diet doesn’t mean that you’ll have to swear off bread for the rest of your life. There are dozens of recipes for lowcarb bread and even no-carb bread out there for your enjoyment. We have done the work for you, searching the web for recipes that include low-carb, low-calorie and no-carb bread.

Nothing beats fresh bread that’s warm from the oven and there’s nothing that illustrates low-carb luxury better! Being on a low-carb diet absolutely does not mean that you have to deprive yourself. These low-carb, gluten-free and low-calorie bread recipes are easy to make and delicious to eat. Best of all, they are satisfying and high in protein, perfect for your healthy diet.

Low-Carb Bread Recipes that You Won’t Believe are Really LC

1. Garlic Parmesan Knots

lowcarb bread
Detailed recipe and credit – alldayidreamaboutfood.com

These melt-in-your-mouth bread knots are grain free, but you’d never know it. Tasty garlic parmesan knots are a great addition to soup as part of a satisfying low-carb meal. They are also one of those low-carb foods that you can snack on when you’re craving something savory. The grain-free dough is made with nut flours, cheese, butter and eggs – all of them staples of a low-carb diet. High on protein and low on carbohydrates, these succulent bread bites not only satisfy the palate, but they give you an energy boost as well.

2. Low-Carb Gluten-Free Bread Recipe – Only 3 Ingredients!

One of the convenient things about this bread recipe is the ease of following a low-carb bread recipe that only has three ingredients. Gluten-free and fluffy, this bread is made from eggs, protein powder and coconut oil. All of these ingredients are high-quality, low-carb foods, and the recipe can be whipped up in twenty minutes. This simple recipe also makes a great starting point for getting creative with your low-carb bread making. You can add ground seeds for fiber, artificial sweetener and a few berries for sweet-bread, or even mix in some Italian herbs to go with your next low-carb dinner of cauliflower spaghetti.

3. Golden Flax Focaccia Bob’s Red Mill Giveaway

lowcarb bread
Detailed recipe and credit – theprimitivepalate.com

Flax seed meal is also a good base for making a delicious low-carb bread substitute. Just like other types of focaccia, this bread can be used for toasting and for pressed sandwiches. The main ingredients are flax seed meal and eggs, two low-carb friendly ingredients. A low-carb and high-protein food, the golden flax focaccia is also high in fiber.

4. Diabetic Low-Carb Breakfast Cake

lowcarb bread
Detailed recipe and credit – diabetesmealplans.com

Although low-carb foods are more often than not great for a diabetic diet, it’s especially challenging to juggle both. Maintaining a low-carb lifestyle with the added factor of preparing a diabetic meal plan can certainly be managed, however. Each serving of this mildly sweet low-carb breakfast cake has only two grams of sugar and a big helping of protein.

5. Almond Flour Bread and French Toast

lowcarb bread
Detailed recipe and credit – alldayidreamaboutfood.com

Another sweet yet ‘low-carb-legal’ treat is this French toast made with almond flour. The lowcarb bread is porous enough to soak up the egg mixture, and the French toast ends up firm and springy. This bread recipe is also versatile, going from a breakfast dish to a great low-carb bread recipe to pair with dinner foods. On top of this versatility, the almond flour bread is an easy to make quick-bread.

6. Almond Flour Paleo Bread

lowcarb bread
Detailed recipe and credit – healthextremist.com

Here’s another almond flour low-carb bread that’s suitable for a range of paleo and low-carb diets. The ingredients are high in fiber and include healthy coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. This delicious bread comes out firm and not crumbly, and it works well for making toast or sandwiches. Gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and yeast-free, this is a champion bread for those with food allergies.

7. Rosemary Cloud Bread

lowcarb bread
Detailed recipe and credit – bodyrebooted.com

If you love rosemary and light, fluffy bread then you’ll adore this recipe. The great tasting bread has an enjoyable mouth feel, looking and tasting like an airy puffed Boboli. Even better, this recipe can be also made in a dairy-free version. With only five ingredients, it’s an easy carb-free bread recipe that could also be used as a base for a low-carb mini pizza. Or you can switch it up with various herbs and seasonings to go with lots of other low-carb foods.

8. Swedish Breakfast Buns

lowcarb bread
Detailed recipe and credit – lowcarbreviews.com

It’s hard to believe, but even bagels make it into the low-carb bread lineup. These breakfast buns are ideal as a low-carb substitute for bagels. With whole flax and sunflower seeds and psyllium husk powder, these little buns are a super source of fiber, and they taste delicious. If you’ve been looking for something to put a dab of cream cheese and low-carb jelly on, this is the perfect recipe.

9. Amazing Bread Rolls

lowcarb bread
Detailed recipe and credit – divaliciousrecipes.com

Next on the gluten-free and low-carb bread recipe list are these bread rolls that are, indeed amazing. This is one of those low-carb breads that are pretty close to being indistinguishable from the real thing. Psyllium powder seems to be the main ingredient that binds everything together nicely. You can use the dough for rolls or put it in a loaf pan for sliced bread. To make tomato basil bread, just substitute marinara sauce for the boiling water.

10. Bread with Garlic And Cheese!

lowcarb bread
Detailed recipe and credit – thebigapplemama.com

If the words bread, garlic and cheese cause you to salivate, read on! This is another version of the cloud bread, this time with the addition of mozzarella cheese and oregano flakes with the rosemary sprinkled on top. What gives this bread its delightful garlic flavor is the garlic paste made of butter, garlic powder and oregano. Besides being an appetizing and delicious treat, this is an easy lowcarb bread recipe to make.


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